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Xgimi Mogo Pro a Portable 1080p Projector

The android Tv Projector is about six inches high. It has an inbuilt Harman Kardon sonny’s system and packs nearly 5,000 apps. It throws an image up to 100 inches.

The amigo pro can play for up to four hours and it has a rechargeable battery. The image quality is excellent but the LED light source manages just 300 ANSI lumens. The Projector offers a 1080p resolution. Many less expensive projectors claim that they support 1080p but that just means they can accommodate 1080p sources and actually put out a lower-res image like 858×480.

The Projector runs the Android TV operating system. It is an easy-to-navigate, remote-friendly UI with virtually streaming channels like HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Apple TV.  Xgimi Mogo Pro, which usually sells for $549. The users have to dim the lights to use the projector but the onboard 10000+ point autofocus array should ensure a sharp picture. The MoGo Pro also supports all the usual ports, including HDMI, and comes with a bundled remote.

This works in Android TV 9.0, gadgets and lets the users access the Google Play store and search using Google Assistant. XGIMI Auto Focus technology delivers clear images in every corner of the projection by adjusting to more than 10.000 points in a split second.  It has a built-in automatic keystone correction and TOF laser autofocus to ensure fast image adjustment for a never-ending FHD image experience.

This company’s MoGo Pro+ was named a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree in the portable media players and accessories category. This award is given to outstanding design and engineering consumer technology products. The company has received this award five years in a row.

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