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World’s First Baby Born With Coronavirus Antibodies

A baby girl was born three weeks after the mother received the first dose of the vaccine. The mother received Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine which has Antibodies against the virus. After reviving the first shot the mother and a health care worker developed Covid 19 antibodies.

According to the authors at Florida Atlantic University testing revealed those Antibodies passed through the placenta to offer some potential protection to her future child. While past reports have shown how moms who’ve had COVID-19 can deliver babies with Antibodies. Authors believe this is the first record of how vaccines act during pregnancy.

Authors Dr. Paul Gilbert and Dr. Chad Rudnick called this the lucky opportunity to study pregnant people who never tested positive for a covid bit got late in pregnancy and early in the rollout.

One March 2020 paper of six women who tested positive for the virus at delivery, for instance, found five had elevated levels of IgG Antibodies even though none had COVID-19. An October case report also describes an infant born to a mom with asymptomatic COVID-19 who had IgG Antibodies but a negative COVID test, demonstrating “passive immunity” through the placenta, the authors write. In November, a woman in Singapore who had COVID-19 in March 2020 gave birth to a baby who has that seem to be protective against the virus.

They were able to detect COVID-19 IgG suggesting the baby has some protection against the virus, though how much or how long it lasts isn’t clear. Future research should illuminate if there’s an ideal time for a pregnant person to get vaccinated to maximize protection against the virus for her child.

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