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Woman Gives Birth to A Baby with Covid-19 Antibodies, Claims Doctors

In January, A Woman gave birth to a Baby with Covid-19 Antibodies in Florida. The baby was reportedly the first-ever in the world to be born with antibodies after the mother received the Covid-19 vaccine while pregnant. The mysterious baby girl was born in the later weeks of January in Palm Beach County.

“To our knowledge, this was the first in the world that was reported of a baby being born with antibodies after a vaccination,” Dr. Paul Gilbert told the news station. Gilbert, who was the head in charge of the case, said that the child’s mother was a front-line health worker who was given the Moderna vaccine at 36 weeks pregnant.

Following the birth of the baby, the health department took her blood samples from the umbilical cord to test whether the mother’s antibodies passed to the baby or not. Such incidents in previous cases have shown different outcomes. The baby with Covid-19 Antibodies becomes the first human to be genetically independent of the virus, and it could be quite instrumental for future possibilities.

Gilbert and Rudnick asserted that the baby’s born to vaccinated mothers could still have a slight chance of infecting the Coronavirus symptoms. Both the researchers suggested that further studies need to be taken into account to determine how long the protection will last.

They have to be cautious in determining the level of infection or how many antibodies does a baby requires to attain full protection against the virus. Pfizer BioNtech vaccines last month told that 4,000 pregnant women would enroll in a clinical trial to study the effectiveness of the vaccine in them. The women were designated to be monitored for the negative impacts, including miscarriage and severe health conditions.

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