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Wikipedia Plans to Charge Big Tech companies

Wikipedia will launch a new paid service for companies that repurpose its content. The company will launch Wikimedia enterprise later this year. The service will focus on big tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Wikipedia is one of the biggest sites in the world. It is the thirteenth most visited site globally. Wikimedia Foundation which operates the Wikipedia project in more than 300 languages is announcing a new product called Wikimedia Enterprise.

Companies like Amazon or Apple rely on Wikipedia for their virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa who use Wiki information based on what you search for. These are just a few examples of how Wiki is integrated into big tech.

 Wikipedia is a non-profit organization by nature, it relies on user support and donations to keep its doors open. This is where Wikimedia Enterprise comes in. This new system is designed for the sale and delivery of its content to the big tech conglomerates.Lane Becker, a senior director at the foundation this is the first time the company recognized the commercial users. Only a few companies use this medium and the company never considered them as a user base.

Lisa Seitz-Gruwell, the foundation’s chief revenue officer said that the free information will be available to the users. A project like Wikipedia is considered as part of the world of free software. Enterprise will conduct its version of Wikipedia content not on the project’s own servers but on Amazon Web Services which will meet the needs of the customer.The Foundation says it doesn’t expect Enterprise ever to become the primary source of funding for the foundation’s roughly $100 million budget. Users can contribute donations.

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