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Whatsapp Introduces Voice Call And Video Call Features to Desktop Users

Whatsapp has introduced a new feature to its users. It allows the user to make audio and video calls from the desktop. The messaging platform said that the one-to-one encrypted call can be made from the desktop as well. the company added that the update will give people more options to communicate with coworkers and other employees.

The bigger screen will make the communication process easy and simple. When it comes to family conversation the user moves freely around and talks. It will work in both portrait and landscape modes. The size will be adjustable. It will appear on the top so that the user will not miss any updates or calls.

The beta version was launched in December. The company has been testing this option. The users can make calls from the desktop even if they have no access to their handy gadgets. This will be available on both macOS and Windows desktop. The company has launched this option due to the increasing number of video calls during the time of the pandemic. This will be the best feature for WhatsApp users.

To connect to the desktop version users can login into the desktop version of WhatsApp. It will ask for access to the microphone and webcam. Allow the computer to connect and it will be easier to make video and voice calls.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion across the world. Recently, it had created a unique record after it processed over 1.4 billion calls on New Year’s Eve.

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