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Washington State County Experiencing a Fourth Wave of Covid-19 Cases

Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising once again in several counties across the state, and the state is now witnessing the commencement of the 4th wave of the deadly coronavirus. The pandemic has hit billions of people across the world and its fret might be far from over, according to the health experts in Washington.

“Our cases rates are increasing in all age groups, except those who are 70 years of age and above,” Washington State Health Secretary Dr. Umair Shah said. “Our sharpest increases are in those that are in their teens – starting with age 10 and above to age 59.”

Alongside, hospital admission rates have been creeping up ever since the 4th wave has hit. The county’s database will depict the reality and it’s far more worrying than what it seems. The concerning talking point across the counties has been the sharp rise of severe hospitalization cases in younger adults. More contagious cases are becoming prevalent and becoming a worrying underpinning fact for the authorities in Washington.

A variant that was detected in the United Kingdom has become the dominant dilemma of transmission and is causing more infections. New figures are showing that it passed the threshold this week. The state health officials have been varying of the easing restrictions of Covid-19 across the State in the recent few weeks and said to Be an eminent reason for such a sharp spike in cases. To slow the spread of the Covid-19 cases, the state is setting a new goal of administering 90,000 shots per day across the communities.

The current situation might worsen in the coming weeks as there is still a pause on the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. And weekly allocation of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines from the federal government is still not keeping up with the current demands.

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