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Tyrannosaurus Rex Walked Surprisingly Slow, New Study Finds.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a ferocious predator but it surely wasn’t the one making the swiftest move. In fact, most humans could easily keep up with the dinosaur without breaking a sweat. Now we can imagine why new studies have explained that humans are faster than the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  1. Rex would have covered just under 3 miles in an hour, a speed similar to that of humans and many animals. According to the new calculations by Dutch paleontologists, it is its gradual ramp speed that makes Tyrannosaurus Rex walk at a preferred speed. However, this pace is slower than other estimates of the tyrant lizard king’s walking speed.

“Animals tend to prefer walking speeds at which, for a given distance, energy cost is minimal. They do this by choosing specific step rhythms at which their body parts resonate. Since the entire tail of Tyrannosaurus Rex is suspended by ligaments, which behave like rubber bands, we reconstructed the tail to find out the rhythms,” said Van Biljert, a graduate student in paleo-biomechanics at Vrije University Amsterdam.

Generally, when they have no reason to run, most animals have a natural walking speed that minimizes the amount of body energy spent. It resembles human bodies as well. Earlier estimates had not taken fully into account the role of the Tyrannosaurus Rex tail which makes up more than half of its length. When a new study was discovered at the University of Amsterdam, these findings were made public by Pasha Van Bijlert, lead author of a new study on  locomotion.

The research team calculated a step rhythm from a computer model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex tail, based on a Trix, an adult 12-meter-long  fossil at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, a museum of natural history and research center in the Netherlands.

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