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The New iPad Pro has Better PlayStation Support than PS4

The New iPad Pro is becoming the gazing pick of the year and could soon become the launch of the year as it stands out. It not only features Apple’s M1 processor, but it also supports both the latest Xbox Series X/S controllers and the PS5 Dualsense, complete with haptics.

Speaking during Apple’s Spring Loaded Event, Marketing Manager Raja Bose was discussing how the graphics of the new iPad Pro have vastly improved thanks to the M1 processor’s 8 core GPU when he also revealed the ravishing news about the controllers.

“You can also play the latest games with console-quality graphics at super-high frame rates. This raw performance, along with the Promotion display, four speakers, and now, support for the latest PlayStation or Xbox game controllers with haptics, makes playing games on  insanely fun,” Bose said. The intriguing game experience could do the world of good for Apple making it a mandated choice for the gamers and the enthusiasts of PlayStation and Xbox.

While Bose didn’t ascertain any further details on the features, a DualSense was shown on the screen as he discussing the controllers and haptics, hinting iPad Pro developers might be able to take the advantage of the unique set of features offered by the DualSense, as well as the latest Xbox Controller. In some ways, it also means that the latest iPad Pro might provide better support to the PS controller than that PS4 currently has.Astonishingly, it doesn’t natively endorse a DualSense while the PS3 does, and that’s why there is a belief that the  might be just ahead in the race for PS Controller’s support.

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