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The clubhouse is Creating A New Program For Influencers

The audio-only chat app has announced its new influencer ac elation program. The clubhouse is an invite-only audio chat app. The company announced on Sunday that it is working to create the clubhouse creator’s first program.

This program aims to support 20 creators with the resources they need to host good conversations, build their audiences, and monetize, per Clubhouse. Influencers can apply till March 31. The clubhouse asks the influencers about the platforms that they are active in. Those include from substack to TikTok. The form also asks them to identify which services Clubhouse would be helpful to provide, from advice on monetization to help with booking guests.

The clubhouse has decided to address some major concerns regarding user privacy on its platform. The major issue on social media platform is that it would no longer be asking users to give access to their phone contacts in order to invite other people to the platform, and would instead just require the user to key in the phone number of the person they wish to invite

The clubhouse is a social network completely based on audio chats. Users can create and join rooms in which several people talk in real-time. There are no other ways of interaction and conversations are not recorded, which means that you can’t listen to a chat that’s already over. In some ways, it can be compared to a live podcast.

The company has reached more than 8 million downloads. This app is blocked in Oman due to government censorship. This app is only available on iOS devices. The success of the network has led both Facebook and Twitter to work on similar features to compete with Clubhouse.

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