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The Climatic Crisis Foresees A Change in the Weather Patterns by The Turn of the Century.

Summers in the Northern hemisphere could last half the year by 2100 due to the ongoing climatic crisis which is affecting our planet drastically. Scientists from around the world warn us that there could be dramatic impacts on human health, agriculture, and ecology.

A significant shift in the seasons could have massive repercussions on Planet Earth and could cause huge adversities to ecosystems. Generally, ecosystems are finely balanced in terms of timings and temperature, but these ever-changing climatic conditions could disrupt human life dreadfully.

According to a study, if global warming continues to excel at the same pace for the next few years, the risks to humanity are only going to get more severe over time.

“Summers are getting longer and hotter while winters shorter and warmer due to global warming,” quotes physical oceanographer Yuping Guan.

Researchers brought forward the idea of developing seasons into the ecosystem. They looked at historical climate data from 1952 to 2011 and marked the days with the hottest temperatures over those years as summer months.

The coldest was referred to as winter months from then onwards, and now it is largely known as the winter storm. The team of researchers turned their attention to predict the future cycle of seasons. They look to notify the trends that might continue until the turn of the century, as they found out that the Northern hemisphere could have a summer that commences in Early May and extends till October by 2021.

The ever-changing increase in the temperatures foresees the weather pattern of the world, which is changing beyond the point of no return, and every weather variant has an impact on the ocean and the lands underneath

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