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The biggest asteroid to visit Earth in 2021. Moves Closer Today!

The biggest asteroid to visit Earth this year is zooming by our planet quite rapidly. The asteroid contemplates being a real speed demon, according to various astronomers. The asteroid 2001 FO32 is traversing through space at an unusually fast speed for a space rock.

Asteroid 2001 FO32 is up to 2,230 feet (680 meters) wide and poses no impact risk to the Earth, but its speed is peculiar, the agency said while referring to the exaggerating speed. The asteroid won’t come this close to the Earth next until 2052.

“The reason for the asteroid’s unusually speedy close approach is its highly inclined and elongated (or eccentric) orbit around the sun, an orbit that is tilted 39 degrees to Earth’s orbital plane,” NASA officials wrote in a statement.

The asteroid picks up its speed like a rock rolling down the hill. It fastens up while falling inwards towards the sun and gradually slows up as it heads back out towards Mars. The Asteroid unlike many others completes its revolution around the orbit in two years. This makes it less Riskier to impact the Earth for centuries, despite 2001 FO32’s classification as a “potentially dangerous asteroid.”

NASA and astronomers around the world regularly track asteroids that could pose a hazardous impact on the Earth. Asteroid 2001 FO32 was first spotted in 2001 by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid research. Even at the closest point to Earth today, Asteroid 2001 F032 will be about 5.25 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Spectators will gaze their eyes on the asteroid to know more about its size, brightness, and composition. The astronomers are trying to study the geology with the help of a telescope.

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