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Pokemon Cards Sales are Halted in Target Stores

Target has decided to halt the sales of Pokémon Cards throughout the US, starting Friday, May 14th. The retailer cites an abundance of caution for the safety of both guests and store employees and notes that it will still be selling the cards on its site.

Pokémon Cards and other trading cards are having a moment. Many people have devastated card grading companies, hoping to get a rating that makes their cards more valuable. The Pokémon Company is hurrying to print enough cards to meet the demand. All the big numbers around the truly rare original cards have caused a lot of excitement around new cards as well. Target stores are not feeling that hype.Nobody can blame the retailer. People have reportedly been opening cereal boxes in stores to steal the included Pokémon Cards out of them. A person in Japan even climbed down a rope to steal almost $9,000 worth of the cardboard cards designed for kids.

Target Store started limiting the number of packs customers are allowed to purchase and has even threatened to get law enforcement involved if it found people camping out by its stores for them. There was also an incident at one of the stores where someone pulled a gun during a fight about sports cards which could explain why the stop also applies to MLB, NFL, and NBA cards. .

Joe Maddalena, executive vice-president at Texas-based Heritage Auctions, explained the increase in the resale value of the cards When the pandemic hit, a lot of Gen X and Millennials were looking for things to do and we found a lot of these guys and girls started playing Pokémon again because they grew up with it. Joe also added that these boxes of the 1999 US first edition base set had sold for about $400,000 at auction in recent months. A single card in mint condition for the popular fire-flying character Charizard sold for $300,000 in January, whereas in late 2019 asking prices for a Charizard card were about $16,000, he said.

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