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Patricia Burch
Chief Editor

With a highly celebrated career path as a dedicated contributing writer and senior writer for various organizations, Patricia T. Burch has successfully placed herself on the Chief Editor's chair here at The Industry Journal. A highly successful career graph, she has in her earlier days served as the managing editor in our organization and has been subsequently promoted to the Chief Editor's post last year, considering her superlative performance. Her passion for electronics and technology has carved out the best tech writer in her and she continues to write in the Technology category in spite of a highly busy editing job. 

Her editorial skills are just a class apart and her multi-functional capabilities allow her to appropriately manage her team with high voltage energy and an astounding sense of time. Her skills have been well appreciated here at the IndustryJournal owing to her competent team building capabilities and managing highly heterogeneous team members

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Mary Slay
Sub Editor

Mary is a complete fit in the sub-editorial role and supplements, Patricia, in her endeavor to meet strict deadlines at tight budgets. Apart from working in complete co-ordination with Patricia, she herself is a distinguished writer with her own style of delivery and attention to detail. Here at The Industry Journal she frequently contributes highly knowledgeable content on health and wellness topics and most of her articles have a strong readership.

However, besides health, she is interested to write in various other domains that interest her. Her personal favorites include aviation and defense-based writing. She has also offered freelance services and consulting services in editorial roles while developing travel-based content. Her past experience also highlights her career stint as a travel and hospitality writer and managing editor with a reputed travel and tourism site.

Phone: +13039954224

Judith Ellington
Science Section

Judith is a newbie here in The Industry Journal and a novice in content writing and digital marketing space. However, despite her brief time in the industry, Judith’s mettle in identifying the newsworthiness of incidents and justifying their presentation with absolute grit and dedication is unparalleled. Her expertise in writing on science topics is unparalleled as she enjoys writing about chemistry, physics, and biology. She is also a regular blogger and maintains an active blog on various categories such as fashion, food, and beauty.

Phone: +13039954224

Howard Hall
Industry Section

An adept in writing highly gripping content on myriad categories and topics such as tech, online gaming, IoT, and AI, Howard however choose to head the Industrial domain here at The Industry Journal. He is known for his humorous approach in writing even the most crucial of the topics, which entices greater readership. When he is not writing at the office, he continues with his multiple writing projects owing to his association with various organizations. He is a freelancer as well as a writing guide offering clues on writing techniques in various educational institutions.

Phone: +13039954224

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