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One in Three Covid 19 Survivors Suffer Brain Disease

Researchers on Tuesday identified that one in three people with coronavirus have a long term mental health or neurological symptoms. They found that 34% of Covid 19 Survivors had a diagnosis for a neurological or psychological disorder. This report was published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry.

The people affected with Covid 19 were diagnosed with the neurological and psychological condition within the six months of their infections. The neurological effects are severe in hospitalized patients, they are still common in those who were only treated in an outpatient setting.

Maxime Taquet, an academic clinical fellow in psychiatry at the University of Oxford, and a co-author of the new study said that the rate increased progressively as the severity of Covid 19 increased. The patients hospitalized at a rate of 39%. The study used the electronic health records of more than 236,000 patients, mostly in the US. The researchers compared their records with those who experienced other respiratory tract infections during the same time frame.

Researchers found that those with Covid 19 had a 44% increased risk for neurological and psychiatric illness compared to people recovering from flu. They were 16% more likely to experience those effects compared with people with other respiratory tract infections. About one in 50 patients had an ischemic stroke, which is a blood clot that affects the brain.

Taquet added that Two important negative findings were related to parkinsonism and Guillain-Barré syndrome. He also added that Both the conditions are neurological conditions that are related with viral infection. We did not find that they were more common after Covid 19 and after the other respiratory tract infections.

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