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Nike Vice President Quits After the Story about her Son

On Monday, a top Nike Vice President quit amid swirling questions over her family’s role in the sneaker-reselling markets turbulence. Ann Hebert, Nike’s North American Business Head, resigned just days after the company had defended her and asserted that she had not violated company policies.

On Feb 25th, the Nike Vice President reported about her 19-year old son, Joe Hebert in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine, and his fast-growing sneaker company. The article includes anecdotes about her son and his business exploits. West Coast Streetwear, Joe Hebert’s company, has cracked the technology usage and the technique of buying hot sneakers in bulk before the rest of the market. Routinely, they resell the sneakers at attractive profits.

Over the years, the secondary sneaker market has become huge. This market’s power is unbeatable, and it can turn a disappointing shoe into a big seller. Like Nike and Adidas, the actual designers of these shoes seem to put up with this market.

Joshua Hunt wrote the entire story on Bloomberg, and he is no stranger to Nike. He wrote “The University of Nike,” a hard-hitting look at the close relationship between Nike co-founder Phil Knight and the University of Oregon. He also told The Oregonian that he didn’t set out to write another Nike Story.

Joshua added, “I just knew there was something interesting going on in this exploding secondary sneaker market, so I set out in search of a character to tell that story and came across Joe.” He wrote that one day on a call with Joe, he saw Ann Hebert’s name on the caller ID. Then, he did some research to find out that she was the Nike Vice President.

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