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Neurologic Symptoms and Cognitive Dysfunction In Covid-19 long haulers

The spectrum of neurological manifestations in non- hospitalization has been given the recognition as Covid-19 long haulers. Today’s scenario has evolved from what it was like a few months back. Most SARS-CoV-2 infected individuals don’t require hospitalization. Despite not instilling severe health conditions, the patients develop prolonged neurological symptoms in their bodies.

The COVID-19 long haulers studied the test of the first 100 consecutive patients presented to the neuro Covid-19 clinic between May and November 2020. The early pandemic limitations restrained the efforts of the health officials across the United States. Patients enlisted in the program if they met Infectious Diseases Society of America symptoms of Covid-19.

The frequency of neurological symptoms got recorded and patients reported quality of life was also assessed. The results follow that non-hospitalized Covid-19 long haulers experience persistent and rigorous brain fog and fatigue that affects their cognition and quality of life. The main neurologic manifestations were: “brain fog” (81%), headache (68%), numbness/tingling (60%), dysgeusia (59%), anosmia (55%), myalgias (55%), with only anosmia being more frequent in SARS‐CoV‐2+ than SARS‐CoV‐2‐ patients (37/50 [74%] vs (18/50 [36%]; p <0.001).

Moreover, around 85% of people indulging neurological symptoms were experiencing drowsiness and fatigue. There isn’t any correlation between time for Disease onset and subjective impression of recovery. The groups that were derived from the onset exhibited equal disparity in quality of life in cognitive and fatigue domains.

The cognitive assessment extracted out results of the mean age which was deemed to be around 43.2±11.3 years. According to the reports, around 70% of the total composition were female, and from which 48% of them were evaluated in televisits.

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