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Mother of a Suicide Victim prosecuting Snapchat

After constant cyberbullying, the Mother of a suicide victim from Oregon has filed a lawsuit against Snapchat. Studies show that cyberbullying leads to more suicidal thoughts in teen girls than in boys. It can also affect one’s mental health profoundly.

Kristin Bride’s suit claims that two apps are available through Snapchat: Yolo and LMK, which allow users to send dangerous messages anonymously. She, therefore, has brought in the suit to make the company answerable. According to the lawsuit, the secrecy in the apps allowed users to bully Carson without any further consequence endlessly.

The bride said that such types of platforms and applications have been known to cause severe and lethal harm to teenagers and that many others have committed suicides over the same kinds of situations.The suit also said that the companies involved in this were either unwilling or incapable of imposing promises that they had made to protect the children from severe harassment and online bullying.

Snapchat has suspended both of the apps due to the serious allegations which the lawsuit has raised. Both the parents of Carson said that they had tried their best to get the identities of Carson’s harassers from Snapchat, Yolo, and LMK, but they have not yet received any response from any of the companies.

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