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Microsoft Consulting to Acquire Discord in A $10 Million Deal

Microsoft Corp is in talks to buy Discord Inc., a video game chat community in a $10 Million Deal. People familiar with the matter stated that the acquisition could be completed as soon as the price gets settled between the organizations. Discord is in continuous talks with interested buyers including software giant Microsoft to sell off some of its holdings at a price tag of around $10 million.

Reports circulated across the state of the intriguing merger but both Microsoft and Discord declined to outline any kind of information at the moment. VentureBeat earlier reported on Monday that Discord was engaging in sales talks with many of the tech giants over a $10 million deal.

“Microsoft possibly acquiring Discord makes a lot of sense as it continues to prosper its gaming business more towards software and services,” said Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Matthew Kanterman.

San Francisco-based Discord is best known for its free service that avails gamers the exposure of video conferencing, texting, and audio messages while playing the games. Discord reached out to Microsoft to generate engagement for its sale while nobody was approaching the right price. According to rumors, after Microsoft’s recent acquisition in ZeniMax Media, it has reverberated its thought process to invest more into video-gaming units.

Discord has also held discussions with Amazon Inc., Epic Games in the past,  according to two sources familiar with the matter. Both Amazon and Epic Games denied any kind of news regarding the strike of a deal with Discord Inc. Discord being one of the biggest video-chat communities has gauged interest from various buyers,  but the ultimate valuation hasn’t been met just yet, according to the sources involved in the $10 million deal.

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