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LG Promises Three Years of Android Updates Despite Closure Of Business

LG Android Updates could take a step ahead, considering that it’s no longer in production businesses. On Wednesday, LG announced a pledge to issue future Android OS updates to many of its smartphones despite confirming the Business Closure earlier this week. The Velvet, Wing, and G- and V- series phones from 2019 or later should be getting three years of  Android Updates from their year of release.

The models that got launched in 2020, LG Stylo and K Series will get two updates. The decision was taken over the uncertainty caused in the markets that the LG existing users would have to go through difficult times finding the updates.

The announcement is bewildering because LG phones generally wouldn’t have been expected to get that many updates even while LG was still in the phone Business. The company to address the issue of updates announced a dedicated Software Upgrade Center in 2018. The plan didn’t do any good to its Android Updates dilemma.

Although the announcement has come in the second quarter of 2021, most of the LG premium phones aren’t scheduled to receive Android 11 until the end of 2021. Such a shocking catastrophic failure as the Android 12 is ruling the market today. LG variously describes this announcement as a three-year pledge and a three-OS-update guarantee.

Earlier this week, LG Korean website indicated that some models could get the Android 12 update but not earlier than the second quarter of 2022. The company which had the ambition to substantially surge in the global electronic markets has now trailed away with time. The predicament has caused the company’s revenue immensely and now it sought to focus on other electronic devices such as Home speakers, wearable devices, and so on.

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