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Latest Versions of Android Auto Apps Unleashes on Play Store Soon

Google opened the door to a wider variety of apps that would integrate directly with Android Auto. The report got published about eight months ago. The new categories included different interesting concepts that were not seen before. The market trend instilled categories like navigation apps( alternative to Android Auto’s standard Google Maps), parking assists and locators, and databases for electric vehicle charging systems.

The non-beta users won’t be able to access all the Android Auto apps in a single framework. The compatibility and the working of the apps would differ according to the devices and the versions associated with them. The updates regarding the Android auto apps might not be too far ahead and will get launched on the global platform soon. The updates’ significant notion will be maximizing the visibility and minimizing the touch interaction for the users.

Google’s push has been delineated towards electric vehicles in particular. The demand appraisal for electric vehicles has led to serious advancements around the world. How would the tech Giant keep itself hidden behind the scene? Google announcement comes just after it gathers its pace in introducing a newer range of HomePod speakers.

Others developers can start working with the Android for Cars App Library in Jetpack Today. The developed updates could get published as soon as they are ready to unleash themselves on the Playstore. Here is a list of android auto apps we are expecting to get launched later this year:

  • T Map
  • Charge Point
  • Sygic
  • Plug Share
  • AmiGO
  • 2GIS
  • A Better RoutePlanner

All these devices differ in their application and the country of origin. The confounding belief in navigation apps by Google is proving to have an immaculate impact on the developers as they urge to make colossal investments in the project.

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