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Lamborghini Reports Profit in 2020

Lamborghini has reported a profit in 2020 as wealthy customers in many countries especially in China purchased the vehicle. Even Though the factory was shut down for two months due to the pandemic the company delivered 7,430 cars in 2020, down only 9% from the record high in 2019. Sales topped $1.9 billion and it was down 11% from 2019, but the company said profits increased to a record high as customers ordered customized cars.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said that the company is solidly booked for 2021. The pandemic hasn’t stopped the buyer’s spirits. In Fact, the buyer’s spirit is up and they can’t hold on to enjoy life.

Volkswagen group own Lamborghini is also benefiting from the success of urus. Urus, an SUV that costs $220,000.China is expected to become the company’s second-largest market this year. The U.S. is still far and away from Lamborghini’s market, with the delivery of 2,224 cars in 2020. Lamborghini hasn’t announced plans for an Electric vehicle but Winkelmann hinted that announcements could be coming in April.

The company has started working on its electrification with the launch of its first-ever hybrid, the Sian FKP 37. The supercar, which retails for over $3.6 million. It will have a V-12 engine boosted by a lithium-ion supercapacitor. The company quickly sold out of all 63 Sian coupes and 19 open-topped Sian roadsters planned for its limited production.

He also said that we think about the future automobile and how these changes will change the way we look at these types of cars. The change will also make changes in the mind of car owners and brand enthusiasts.

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