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Facebook to Develop Wristbands to Support   Augmented Reality Glasses

Facebook in a press release on Thursday, said that it is bound to develop Wristbands to support its Augmented Reality. The glasses in the developing process are expected to launch this year.

Wearers of the wristbands will be able to bond with the virtual world with their finger movements. The AR-supported gear will revolve the way of smartwatches or wristbands, as it will propel to provide more intriguing updates.

he AR-supporting wearable device will also be capable of detecting nerve signals to interpret complex movements and gestures. This is a step-up for Big corporations like Facebook as it faces fierce competition from the technical giants across the world. Apple Inc, has been the centric figure of most of the developments relating to the tech sector, but gradually other companies are stepping onto the scene with advanced equipment.

The industry believes that the glasses will eventually replace the functionality of mobile phones together, as more companies surge their research on the new variants that could be added to the Augmented Reality glasses. Facebook previously said that Augmented Reality glasses will need to rely more on mobile phones in the foreseeable future due to the constraints of battery life and heat generation.

Facebook Revealed through a press statement that it would take around 5 to 10 years for the Augmented Reality glasses to reach the level of smartphones as it lags in specializing key features of the mobile phone. The Augmented Reality glasses by then would have abilities like letting people jointly observe and interest with persistent shared virtual objects. Facebook is looking to unleash its set of tech so that it can gain an advantage over the giants of the industry.

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