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FAA to inspect Boeing Dreamliners Due to Production Issues

The FAA on Wednesday claimed that it would outlay the final sign-off to the Boeing Dreamliners after suspecting the production issues. The Administration said that it will be inspecting four of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners on its platform rather than delegating the work to Boeing.

“One of the actions is retaining the authority to issue airworthiness certificates for four 787 aircraft. The FAA can retain the authority to issue airworthiness certificates for additional 787 aircraft if we see the need.” The agency said in a statement.

The hyped-up scrutiny of Dreamliners comes after the FAA lifted a 20-month flight ban on Boeing’s best-selling 737 max. The regulators of the Administration grounded Boeing from the flight path in March 2019 after facing two deadly crashes in nearly five months.

What has been fascinating is that the FAA Told Boeing that the final sign-off will be done after inspection, which puts another nail in the coffin for Boeing Dreamliners. Although the FAA inspection extends the launch, Boeing still expects to resume its services later this month.

Boeing retained full support to the FAA, as it stated that the company has obliged with the direction of FAA for airworthiness certification approval of the initial airplanes after the ban.

The most recent controversy came in response to production issues incurred while Dreamliner checks, The FAA said it has performed final worthiness checks on some 787s in the past few years. Before letting Boeing resume its services, the FAA needs assurance regarding the flights. Through this way, FAA inspections can full the inspection currency demand of the inspectors. Whether or not Boeing will streamline the process later this month depends on the working of The FAA.

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