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Epic Games to Pay for Fortnite Cross-Play, says Sony

Remember when Sony was the lone holdout when it came to Fortnite being cross-platform across all major platforms? You remember, back in the year 2018? Epic was forced to agree to pay extra money to keep cross-play support running, and it is still going today. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney testified for several hours today in the Epic v. Apple trial.

He answered questions about Epic Games and Fortnite that ranged from the simple “Do you know what a “console” is?” to much more nuanced questions about the company’s planned business model and partnership with Apple. Late in the day, the interrogator began asking Sweeney some basic questions about how cross-platform play in Fortnite works, especially about who benefits from transactions made with “cross-wallet” features that enable players to buy skins on one platform and use them on others.

During this line of questioning, Sweeney mentioned that Sony’s contract allowed them to earn a little extra money from cross-platform play, especially when PlayStation Fortnite players bought V-Bucks on other devices while still playing on Sony consoles.

Sweeny said, “Sony has a policy that requires if the ratio of payments across platforms for a given PS user gets out of sync with the playtime, then we have to pay them a commission on other platform revenue. So if someone were primarily playing on PS but paying on iPhone, they’d [inaudible] compensation to Sony.” Sweeney confirmed to the cross-examiner that this stipulation was in effect when Sony decided to allow cross-platform play in Fortnite on its computer.

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