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Elon Musk Schooled to Ground Level By Etherum Co-Founder.

Etherum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson dished out advice to Tesla Inc, leaving Elon Musk’s position stranded. Following Musk’s cryptic comments on bitcoin has had an adverse impact on Tesla and bitcoin shares. Hoskinson’s tongue-lashing on Tesla’s recent drip-off in the markets has raised several congruent arguments across the industry.

The advice was seemingly backed by a dozen of papers that covered the facets including transaction speed, quantum resistance, smart concepts, and utilizing strategies. No one could have ever imagined that Tesla’s CEO flamboyance will be given a battering in such a way and that too shrinking to the ground level. Etherum Co-Founder documented the recommendation in an eight-and-half minute’s long video, which he tweeted on Tuesday. “Then we have to put a good scripting language in because DOGE is not programable and let’s get some smart contracts,” said Hoskinson.

He skied the hopes of Elon Musk sarcastically as he claimed some intricate details on the dogecoin. Further promulgating his opinion, Etherum Co-Founder suggested using Prism’s proof-of-work protocol for DOGE. However, it seems like the tide is turning and the industry is in collaboration to criticize Elon Musk’s policies and decision-making on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.Hoskinson suggestion’s got acknowledged by dogecoin’s co-creator Billy Markus, who responded, “Much appreciate the hardwork of many companies and people associated to share their insights and give so much recognition to the space, including Etherum’s study.”

Although the overall cryptocurrency markets have been affected by Musk’s valuation of bitcoin, Cardano’s token took the route to explore new ventures relating to Tesla’s pondering on bitcoin alternatives for its payments.  The bitcoin transaction was stopped due to environmental concerns, but that’s not it, as many experts believe that Tesla’s step is more towards appraising the dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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