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Digital Covid 19 results For Traveling

The ones who are interested in traveling to the US must have present proof of negative Covid 19. At present the proof presented in a hard copy or must have a photo of the result. This might create opportunities for misunderstandings or lead to potential fraud.

The newly launched digital initiatives help to overcome these fraud data and provide standardized information. International travel is the first industry to use new digital passports. One of the first flights to try this new digital passport is a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Istanbul.

This digital passport includes details about the Covid 19 vaccination and test results. Fliers log in to the Travel Pass app using FaceID on their smartphones, then take selfies to authorize access. They can then scan their passports using the cameras on the phones. From there, passengers can add their itineraries, vaccination certificates, and Covid-19 test results.

As part of the trial, passengers in Doha can go to a local medical center, which will send their test results directly to the app. The app shows a green checkmark. The airlines also have access to the back-end system, allowing for contactless and paperless verification.

“Both the International Air Transport Association, which developed the Travel Pass, and the airlines using it say the Travel Pass will adhere to strict data privacy restrictions.

Al Baker said that it will give confidence to passengers that the data in the smartphone will not be shared with anyone. Many airlines have signed for this trial like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Qantas

Some governments and airlines have started making their own apps or allowing the passengers to use other digital systems. British Airways and the budget airline Ryanair have started letting passengers upload their vaccination and Covid-19 test results with their other personal booking information when they book online.

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