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Covid-19 Cases in Monroe County and New York Surge

New coronavirus cases have increased in New York since last week. The rate of growth in cases is reported to be 56%, as 6,194 cases were recently reported. The previous week had 3,970 newly discovered cases of Covid-19.


According to an analysis of USA TODAY Network of Johns Hopkins University data, New York has ranked 33rd among the states where coronavirus was spreading the fastest on a per-person basis. In the latest week, the coronavirus cases in the United States have increased by 66% from the week before, along with a total of 226,012 cases been reported. 


Across the country, around 50 states had more cases in the latest week than they did in the week earlier.Many places did not report the number of cases and deaths around the holiday of July 4, which would move those cases into the following week and make the weekly estimations and comparisons inexact.


Monroe County has reported 133 cases and two deaths in the latest week, whereas a week earlier, it had observed 93 cases and two deaths. Throughout the pandemic, it has recorded a total of 69,448 cases and 1,117 deaths.Ontario County has reported 9 cases and 0 deaths in the latest week. The previous week, it had reported 13 cases and 0 deaths. Throughout the pandemic, it has reported a total number of 7,436 cases and 93 deaths. Within New York, the worst weekly outbursts on the basis of per-person were in Richmond, New York, and Kings counties.

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