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Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser Bans Friday Zoom Calls

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser came to the thought of banning internal zoom calls on Friday. Jane Fraser has given action to the idea after hearing colleagues around the world complaining about the Zoom Fatigue.

“We are a global company that operates across time zones, but when our work regularly spills over into nights, very early mornings and weekends,” Fraser wrote in the Monday memo. This idea can prevent us from recharging fully, and that isn’t good for you nor, ultimately, for Citi.

Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser is the first woman to lead a significant Wall Street Bank across the United States. Initially, she resisted barring the Friday Zoom Calls but after hearing colleagues’ complaints about the Zoom Fatigue, she had a turnaround with her opinion.

The bank will be giving a day off to the staffers on May 28. The day entitled the Citi Reset day will be given to applying key changes to the outlook of the calls. Citi isn’t the sole bank trying to combat the Covid burnout plaguing Wall Street bankers after a year of working remotely.

Fraser noticed that staffers will need to meet with the regulators and clients via video conferencing. She urged the employees not to schedule any calls exceeding the traditional pre-pandemic working hours.  Fraser insisted the staffers take a vacation for a few days to kickstart the activities with a bang when they come back.

Citigroup plans to cut down the remote work that has apparently got staffers running out of steam. Some jobs shifted remotely during the pandemic, but the banking sector or data entry services Have piled upon their work offsite. Most of the bank’s jobs will be “hybrid” roles once staffers are vaccinated, meaning people in those positions will go into the office at least three days a week.

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