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Can we Observe the International Space Station Passing the Moon?

The International Space Station will enthrall a treat for the stargazers by passing through the front of the moon later this week. But the question is will the extraordinary expedition be recorded? The answer is Yes, as it’s exclusive to the WEAR-TV area.

Astronomer Dr. Wayne Wooten says the International Space Station will be the second brightest item in the sky for about ten minutes. The International Space Station will rise in the southwest sky at 7:33 pm CDT, and then pass through in front of the moon. Furthermore, it will race towards the northeast sky where it will disperse at 7:43 pm CDT. The limelight of the mission will be around for ten minutes while the mission continues to reach near the Earth’s surface.

The space station capitulates 6 Astronauts traveling at 18,000 per hour. Dr. Wooten says while the speed of the space station will not change, it would appear as if its speed is increasing as it crosses the sky.

The mission got acknowledged by many of the researchers around the world as this is the first time in history we could see the space station passing in front of the moon. The international space station is in recognition to propel more adventures along the way of various planets. NASA claims that previous expeditions went so smoothingly that it is looking to make more advancements in the field of aerospace.

NASA hasn’t disclosed any of the recent projects in the pipeline, but the success of this expedition could see huge Administrations all over the world. Further updates are in contention and will soon be updated to the astronomers across different countries.

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