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Bath & Body Works Faces a Massive Brawl

Over the weekend, a massive brawl was caught on cameras between a Bath & Body Works Employee and a customer. This incident took place in Arizona’s Fashion Square Mall and has become viral. The footage taken on Saturday begins with a woman fighting another female employee. Another employee joined and tackled the customer to the ground.

The customer keeps shouting ‘let go of me’ as another customer and other employees try to intervene. The group was fighting on the floor, screaming and shouting at each other. They were also pulling each other’s hair. One of the male staffers soon pulled the women away and asked one of them to leave the store.

The man kept pushing the women involved in the initial brawl towards the exit and repeatedly said, “Out Now!” The woman started shouting at the Bath & Body Works male staffer to stop touching her and said she wouldn’t leave till she gets her purse back. The video posted on Twitter has more than 173,000 likes and 30,000 retweets as of Sunday.

Genevieve Winslow captured the video of the incident. She claimed that the fight started after the women in the video stood too close to another customer. The woman got into an argument with the other customer. She also said that the Bath & Body Works employees tried to de-escalate the situation. However, the customer was unwilling to leave.

Winslow also said, “The women was loud and uncooperative the whole time before the fight started.” According to TMZ, another video clip shows the incident being shot at a different angle. She was caught arguing with an African American woman before the fight started.

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