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Are Amazon Employees Forced to Urinate in a Bottle?

The E-commerce giant Amazon rejected the accusations that its workers are forced to urinate in plastic bottles rather than taking a break during working hours. The company gave its clarification to the US House of Representatives who tweeted that the company only pays $15 per hour and forced the employees to urinate in water bottles.

Mark Pocan, US House of Representatives tweeted that paying $15 per hour doesn’t make it a progressive workplace. The company on its official Twitter site raised the question of whether they believe that the workers are forced to urinate in plastic bottles and if that was true none of the employees would be working now.

The company told the lawmaker that it offers great wages and healthcare to millions of its employees worldwide. It would also review the policies that are already in action. Mark Pocan’s tweet was in response to a tweet by Dave Clark, CEO of worldwide consumer, Amazon, who had welcomed Senator Bernie Sanders’ plans to meet Amazon workers in Alabama. The workers were attempting to form a union. Clark defended his company, saying they offer a progressive workplace.

 Amazon saw a 37% increase in sales in one quarter alone in 2020 and executive Jeff Bezos personally saw his personal net worth increase by $70bn during the pandemic. This bathroom controversy was a blowback surrounding how the company treats employees, especially the ones who are working in the field of delivery. The drivers are forced to sign biometric consent forms to continue working with the company.

These forms would allow AI-powered cameras to keep watch over the drivers, who number around 75,000 in the United States, while on the clock. Evan Greer, the deputy director of workers’ rights and privacy advocacy group Fight for the Future, said lawmakers must ban biometric surveillance entirely. The workers trying to stay afloat during precarious times cannot reasonably be expected to turn down the policy which leads to losing their job.

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