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Apple’s Next-Gen TV might be on the Corner of Unveiling

Apple’s Next-Gen TV rumors have been surfacing around the world for over a year now. With Apple’s Next launch event scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, we are dwelling on whether the time has come when Apple unleashes its next dedicated streaming device. It’s something that the news outlets and the experts have pondered leading up to every gigantic Apple event for the past 12 months. So as to when the device would get launched is unknown, but we have jotted down our wishlist about what we want to observe in the next-Gen Apple TV.

  •  An Overdue Upgrade to the Apple TV remote

Astonishingly, the complaints and the wished-improvements to the Apple TV experience haven’t been related to the device itself. Instead, there’s palpable demand out there for a new and advanced Apple TV remote control. The company is stuck with the old rigid design, and the users are urging them that it’s time to change.

What else could we expect from the next-gen Apple TV? A more ergonomic shape would be nice — something you could pick up without looking and easily tell if you’re holding it upside-down or not. A texture with a bit more grip wouldn’t be the worst thing, either.

  • Onboard HDMI 2.1

Recently, rumors might have leaked the information about 120Hz support coming to tvOS. As 120Hz has been quite a thing for all the gamers, and professional players for some time now, it’s taken on the renewed significance of late thanks to the advent of a new standard: HDMI 2.1.

If Apple is indeed aiming to unveil an Apple TV built for the future, adding in more AR capabilities might be within the realm of possibility. Just to add up more anxiety, the eye-catching wait is prolonged to April 20 if we want to see if our predictions hit the mark or we once again would be disheartened.

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