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America’s Microblogging Twitter Brings Back Blue Check Marks

Twitter users desiring to get verified on the social media site can soon apply for the coveted blue badge.In 2017, the company hung back public submissions for verification amid confusion about what the blue checkmark next to a person’s profile meant. The verdict came after the company drew flack for verifying the account of a white supremacist. It later pulled the badge.

Some view the badge as a status symbol. Others see it as a sign that Twitter had authorized certain accounts, which wasn’t the company’s intention. Blue check mark remain rare. Nearly 360,000 accounts are verified, which is 0.2% of Twitter’s 199 million monetizable daily active users.

On Thursday, Twitter announced that it will reopen applications for verification to the public over the next few weeks. To get the blue badge, users have to make the case that their account is notable, authentic and active. B Byrne, a product lead at the company who focuses on identity, quipped in a press conference before the relaunch of the verification program that he hopes The users will stop sending him direct messages asking to get verified.

He said that the blue badge lets people know which Twitter accounts are not only authentic but of high public interest as well. The first account verified on was US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, back in 2009. The blue verified badge gives people on Twitter more context about who they’re interacting with so they can determine if the content is trustworthy and make their own decisions regarding the sources they choose to follow, which we believe leads to healthier, more informed conversations.

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