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Ahead of Clubhouse, Twitter Launches Twitter Spaces for Android

Today, Twitter announced its launch of the live audio chat rooms, known as Twitter Spaces, for its Android users. Previously, this feature was only open to select iOS users following the private beta launch in December 2020. For the time being, Android users will only join and talk in Spaces and not create their own room yet.

Twitter says that the added functionality will be available soon and did not specify a timeframe. The company has been working swiftly to iterate on Twitter Spaces after the beta debut. They have been relatively transparent about their work and its roadmap.

The team developing Twitter Spaces hosted a Space where the users were asked to give feedback, ask questions and learn more about the space. During the live chat, the company confirmed the launch of Spaces in March for Android users.

The Twitter Spaces features are being shared in public as they are designed and prototyped. Titles and description, scheduling options, support for co-hosts and moderators, and more are part of the features revealed to date. The preview card that appears in the timeline has also been updated. From an accessibility standpoint, it has relabelled its ‘captions’ feature will be more accurate.

This fast pace of Twitter has allowed it to beat its rival Clubhouse in terms of public support. The Clubhouse App is currently leading the ‘social audio’ market. Today, the app remains iOS-only, and it also invites only. All the resources put into this product by Twitter is also indicative. It announced the launch of this product in November for the first time. Twitter says that social audio is the market that it needs to win.

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