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After A Long Overhaul, Los Angeles Covid-19 Situation is Improving

Los Angeles County on Sunday reported no new deaths, and the grappling situation of Covid-19 a few days back seems to have taken a huge turn. Although the weekend count of netizens that might have deceased are not counted, it still has been an emphatic week for Los Angeles. From reporting thousands of cases of deaths to becoming non-existent, it has been an overriding journey for the health officials and all the citizens across the state.

The tormenting times in the US are still prevalent, but the current reports of fewer contractions in some of the significant states might have a bright spot, capping several tireless efforts of healthcare professionals and frontline workers for months in the fight against coronavirus. Meanwhile, around 46.8 percent of Los Angeles county residents have been administered the first dose of the vaccine, and 31.5 percent among them are fully vaccinated. Los Angeles for months has recorded thousands of cases with the total tally now reaching 1.2 million cases adding up the toll of 313 Covid-19 cases that got registered on Monday.

California residents have shown a lack of hesitancy and distress in administering the vaccine, and that’s why the state’s infection tally has surged towards declining numbers substantially. It is a wonderful figure in hindsight of the appalling infections rising across the world.

Public health officials on Saturday asserted that infections in Los Angeles county rescinded to their lowest level since the emergence of the pandemic in November 2019. The average daily count of positive cases among the vast majority of the population that got tested was only 0.7%. The astonishing decline has been entitled to bestow down further as the county hopes to achieve the goal of herd immunization.

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