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A Child Dies With Covid During a Family Trip

The Family Trip to Hawaii was full of precautions. Both parents were fully vaccinated and took Covid19 tests. The result came out to be negative for the coronavirus because the state requires visitors who want to avoid a long quarantine.The couple’s young son developed symptoms of Covid-19 shortly after arriving in Hawaii from another state. The child, who showed underlying health conditions, was taken to a hospital and later died.

The health department did not provide the boy’s exact age. He was younger than 11. Brooks Baehr, a spokesman for the Hawaii Department of Health said that the Possible sources of exposure are still under investigation. Symptoms developed within hours after arrival in Hawaii, so it is unlikely the child was exposed here.

The health department said that it was the state’s first pediatric covid-19 death on late Tuesday. The state has reported 479 deaths in which Covid19 was a contributing factor. In the United States, there have been about 3.7 million cases of coronavirus in children and at least 296 deaths as of earlier this month, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. That is compared to nearly 32 million total cases and almost 570,000 deaths. The date of the child’s death was not available, but Baehr said it was recent. His home state was not released, nor was any other information about the trip.

Hawaii has strict entry requirements for tourists aged 5 and older they can either self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival or take a coronavirus test from an approved partner within 72 hours of departure. In this case, while the child’s parents tested negative, he did not undergo testing before traveling.

Hawaii reopened to tourism in October and has had a steady increase in visitors, even with its testing requirement. The state announced recently that it will start to ease restrictions for vaccinated travelers, beginning with residents who were vaccinated in Hawaii. They will be allowed to bypass testing rules when traveling between islands starting May 11.

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